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Writing: Compare and Contrast

Length:  10 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 7th – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Writing: Compare/Contrast is a 10-week mini-course that will help your student learn the fine art of comparing and contrasting in what they write. This will be of great value to any student who writes essays and reports between now and when the student graduates from college and/or heads into the workforce. The course is best followed in sequential order as it begins with sentences and works forward to paragraphs, fiction, and beyond, with written instruction, humor, and writing assignments.

Course Introduction

Join Sharon Watson for a 10-week mini-course that will teach you the fine art of comparing and contrasting. Do you know there are specific methods of comparing and contrasting? Do you know how to compare and contrast well in fiction to draw the reader into your story? Sharon will teach you these things and more.

Through well-written lessons, humorous images, and topics of interest, you will gain skill in this style of writing that few have mastered. This mini-course will be of great value as you are required to write various essays and reports between now and when you graduate from college (and even beyond).

Written instruction, humor, and engaging writing assignments.

Lesson 1: Sentences
Lesson 2: Paragraphs
Lesson 3: Ping-Pongs
Lesson 4: Review and Organization
Lesson 5: Dovetailing
Lesson 6: Description in Fiction
Lesson 7: The Block Method
Lesson 8: The Feature Method
Lesson 9: Similarities and Differences
Lesson 10: Putting It Together

Download a printable course outline here.

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