Essay Writing 101 -

Essay Writing 101

Length:  7 months
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 6th – 10th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Essay Writing 101 will begin with a look at the writing process and then continue with a study of common essay forms including expository, biographical, descriptive, personal experience, eyewitness report, and cause and effect. It will look at the purpose and elements of each and provide rubrics for self-evaluation.

Course Introduction

Welcome to Essay Writing 101 at Schoolhouse Teachers. During these lessons, we will learn about the writing process and apply it to six different essay forms. You will learn to edit your own work and evaluate your work based on standard rubrics. The essay forms we will cover are: expository, biographical, descriptive, personal experience, eyewitness report, and cause and effect.

Lessons will post weekly for Unit 1 and once or twice a month for Units 2-7 based on the depth of the material being covered in each unit.

I will include rubrics for you to evaluate your own writing. If you want me to read your work, please contact me through Schoolhouse Teachers. I cannot grade each assignment, but I will be happy to offer feedback on an occasional piece you submit.

  • Unit 1: The Writing Process
  • Unit 2: The Expository Essay
  • Unit 3: The Biographical Essay
  • Unit 4: The Descriptive Essay
  • Unit 5: The Personal Experience Essay
  • Unit 6: The Eyewitness Report
  • Unit 7: The Cause and Effect Essay

Upon successful completion of all lessons, your child will earn the equivalent of 0.5 credits.

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