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Writing: College Admission Essay

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Length:  2 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 11th – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Writing: The College Admission Essay is a two-week mini-course designed to help the high school student gain an understanding of what college admissions counselors look for in an essay, help the student answer questions that show the college who they are, share critical “do” and “don’t” lists, and help the student gain confidence and reduce the stress associated with submitting the college admission essay.

Course Introduction

Welcome to a two-week course that will determine the destiny of your whole future, starting with, but not limited to, what college you’ll be admitted to!

Just kidding.

The college admission essay can be an extremely scary hurdle to jump over, but this course will smooth out the bumps and show you exactly what college admissions counselors look for when they read these essays.

The two lessons in this unit assume you already know how to write an essay. In other words, you know how to think through a topic, organize it, and write intelligently about it. They also assume you know how to use the correct format: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Here’s what to expect:

Lesson 1 – Gain an overview of what college admissions counselors look for in an essay; concentrate on the “you” part of the essay (your experiences, plans, passions, character traits, and so forth).

Lesson 2 – Concentrate on features that are specific to the college or university to which you are applying, i.e., what drew you to that college or university; how you will be an asset to them; what you really like about their campus, focus/mission, former graduates, specific degree program, and so on.

Have a great writing week,

Sharon Watson


  • Lesson One: College Essay Expectations
  • Lesson Two: Specifics of Colleges

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