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Special Needs Trenches

Length: 18 articles
Includes: Monthly articles
Age/Grade: Parents
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How to Use This Course

This is a series of articles by the mother of a boy dealing with the volatile combination of autism, Tourette’s syndrome, and puberty. Its purpose is to encourage you, share with you, and remind you of God’s faithful love no matter how dark the day is you are going through.

Course Introduction

Have you ever looked closely at the world of the TV family and wished it were yours? I do sometimes. My son’s wham-bam combination of autism and Tourette’s syndrome, paired with the joy of prepubescence, means that my life is never dull. We’ve had some very rough times, but I am here to remind you that God is with you through it all and that, with His help, you will make it.

  • Real Life Drama
  • Hope
  • Mighty Casey
  • Raising a Child to Adulthood
  • Where Does Strength Come From
  • Navigating an ID Waiver
  • How to Survive the Lemon War
  • Happy Birthday Not So Much
  • Hygiene and Body Fluids
  • The Knives are Back
  • Ask Questions, Find a Support Group
  • Knowing What to Do
  • Hiring an Attendant
  • I thought I Knew…But I Didn’t
  • A Diamond
  • Stimulation and Sensory-Sensitive Kids
  • When Insurance Decides
  • Adventure of Another Kind

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