Parenting Tips with Dr. Scott Turansky -

Parenting Tips with Dr. Scott Turansky

Length: 10 Weeks
Includes: Weekly Articles
Age/Grade: Parents
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How to Use This Course

Parenting Tips with Dr. Scott Turansky is a series of weekly articles designed to help parents understand what it means to parent the hearts of their children. This series breaks away from the common model of behavior modification and explores ways you can connect God’s truth with the hearts of your children to effect real, lasting change that makes an eternal difference.

Course Introduction

Many parenting strategies today emphasize reward and punishment to create an external environment that will maximize change. And it works for the short term. But as kids get older, they start asking the wrong questions in life such as, “What’s in it for me?” “Are you going to pay me for that?” “What’s the minimum I need to do to get the reward?”

My desire is to present a different approach, one that I believe will bring about change that is more real and longer lasting. Why? Because it comes from the heart.

  • Consistency in Parenting Has Been Given Too Much Value
  • One Tool to Use When Kids are Challenging
  • Parenting Shifts: How Parents Adapt as Kids Change
  • How to Prevent Conflicts in Family Life
  • It Takes Two to Argue
  • Behavior Modification is Short Sighted
  • How to Respond to a Child Who Badgers You
  • Dialogue in the Wrong Places
  • Be on the Lookout for Heart Moments
  • How to Avoid Reactive Parenting

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