Creating and Implementing A Personal Strategic Plan -

Creating and Implementing A Personal Strategic Plan

Length: 3-part study
Includes: Printable ebook
Age/Grade: Parents

How to Use This Course

Decisions, and the process we use to make them, set the direction for our lives. We are constantly bombarded with decisions that need to be made, each one requiring us to weigh the choice carefully so we don’t squander the time we’ve been given. Sometimes, the options in front of us can seem overwhelming. One way to take some of the stress out of decisions is by forming our own strategic plan. All successful businesses have one. They know their goals, what will help to accomplish them, and what will only be a distraction. This simple and straightforward resource will help you develop the same kind of plan for your own life.

Course Introduction

In John 13, before Jesus washes His disciples’ feet, John says that Jesus knew He had come from God and was returning to God. He knew both where He had come from and where He was going. He knew His purpose and the steps He needed to take to fulfill it. Even though we cannot know the details of our lives in the same way Jesus did, we can know where we came from and where we are going. And with prayerful thought and discipline, we can develop a worldview that evaluates everything through that lens.

  • Introduction
  • Creating Your Plan: Step One
  • Creating Your Plan: Step Two
  • Creating Your Plan: Step Three
  • Implementing Your Plan
  • Conclusion
  • Questions and Answers with Verses

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