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Understanding Sensory Processing Disorders

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Understanding Sensory Processing Disorders is a series of articles that enables parents to better understand their children’s sensory processing disorders (SPDs) and set them up to succeed instead of fail. It looks at what SPDs are and are not and how parents can help children excel, as well as offering plenty of encouragement for parents along the way.

Course Introduction

How do you define something that is so widely variable? How can you identify the difference between behavioral issues and a disorder? Join Stacey Lotshaw and let her help you understand what sensory issues look like, know what kinds of help are available, and learn how to set your children up to succeed in spite of the challenges.

Sensory Processing Disorder: Why is my child so different?

Categories of SPD:

Sensory Modulation Disorder
Sensory Discrimination Disorder
Sensory-Based Motor Disorder

The 7 Senses


Assessment and Diagnosis: Where to Go for Help
Creating a Sensory Friendly Home
Creating a Sensory Friendly School Experience
Planning for Special Events
Sensory Processing and the Future

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