Reading Center

Does your child struggle with reading? Do you need to find extra practice in a particular subject? The Reading Center provides easy access to many of the reading resources available on

Featured Resource:

Literacy Center: Our Literacy Center breaks apart each skill needed to become an expert reader into bite-sized chunks. It has sections for Pre-Readers, Early Readers, Emerging Readers, Growing Readers, Fluent Readers, and Reading Comprehension. also has a selection of courses available to help your student develop their reading and language arts skills.

Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st Grades:

ABC What Will I Be? Do you want a fun way to teach the alphabet? This course incorporates crafts, sensory activities, math, and sometimes even science, to help preschoolers learn their ABCs while also expanding their knowledge about the world through different professions.

Beginning Listening and Speaking Skills: Wondering where to start with your youngest students? Use these thirty simple activities for six weeks to address skills like following directions, reading aloud to others, reenacting stories, memorizing and reciting, listening for comprehension, and describing an experience.

From Aardvark to Zucchini: Help preschoolers learn their letters while they discover that they can talk to God any time about anything at all. From Aardvark to Zucchini takes preschoolers through the alphabet with 26 animated video episodes full of rhymes, songs, age-appropriate discussion questions, dancing, and more.

Preschool Playground: Language Arts: With 65 different activities and activity ideas, Preschool Playground: Language Arts provides printables as well as ideas for tactile, hands-on learning to teach letters and sounds.

Teaching Reading Through Play: Is your child eager to learn to read? Teaching Reading through Play provides a full year of games, activities, and engaging lessons geared toward young learners. Watch your child learn to read simply by having fun!

1st through 4th Grades:

Fun with Fairy Tales: These bite-size Fun with Fairy Tales homeschool language arts lessons teach important concepts through the delightful world of fairy tales. Students develop fluency and comprehension by identifying parts of a story and figurative language, among other skills.

Language Arts for Elementary: Key Skills: Don’t let big words like figurative language and declarative sentences worry you! Language Arts for Elementary: Key Skills helps students understand key skills for grammar and writing and can be used with students in Grades 2–4. The course starts with the basics of a sentence and moves progressively to more advanced skills, with definitions, examples, and an easy-to-follow format. Extra worksheets are included for additional practice as needed.

Story Skills for Reading Comprehension: How are story skills like a Model T Ford? Once you’ve taken a story – or a Model T – apart, you can put it back together “without any parts left over.” Story Skills for Reading Comprehension takes your student through multiple stories, examining the parts which make it interesting. Students will learn about characters, conflict, plot, and point of view, among other skills. Those skills, in turn, lead to a deeper comprehension of the story being read.

For Struggling Readers:

Reading Remedies: Dr. Glavach has created an in-depth remediation plan for parents to use with struggling students of any age. Reading Remedies is broken out into units with specific, targeted skills for different learning styles. Text-based lessons, audio files, printable materials, and book lists are included.