Your Child's Learning Style -

Your Child’s Learning Style

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Your Child’s Learning Style is a series of articles designed to help you identify and understand your child’s preferred learning style so that you can teach to his or her strengths and find creative approaches you can use to tackle weaknesses. Come discover new ways of helping your children excel!

Course Introduction

“ARGH! I hate school.” She put her head down on the book as tears threatened to spill down her cheeks. At this point, her mom hated school, too. What was supposed to be an adventure in learning was turning more and more into a struggle that brought about the worst in both child and mom.

Has that ever happened to you? You know your child is bright and capable of learning. After all, he has no problem excelling in other areas. However, there seems to be a mental block in either one subject or with more academic subjects in some areas.

While we’ve been frequently taught that it’s the student’s job to learn, research increasingly supports the notion that it is our job to teach in a way in which they can learn. In other words, sometimes that frustration you and your child are experiencing isn’t because of the subject matter itself, it’s because of the way in which he is trying to learn. When your methodology and curriculum are a mismatch for your child’s learning style, frustration often ensues.

So how do you make sure that you are teaching in a way that helps him learn best? In this course, we will delve into the quirks and intricacies of different learning styles, suggest the methods that go with those learning styles best, and teach you how to adapt the curriculum you have to best fit your child’s learning style.

You’ll find that when you are able to work with your child’s learning style, he will thrive and learning may even come somewhat effortlessly!

  • How Does Your Child Learn Best: Traits of Various Types of Learners
  • What Are Learning Styles
  • The Benefits of Multi-Sensory Spelling Instruction
  • The Biology of Auditory Processing and Short-Term Memory Issues
  • Homeschooling: A Natural Fit for the Kinesthetic Child
  • Finding a Fit in the Imperfect – Adapting Curricula to Suit Your Needs
  • Play Your Way through Learning
  • Homeschooling a Struggling Learner: How Do I Find the Time?

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