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Encouragement for Homeschool Moms

Length: 31 short studies
Includes: Downloadable eBook
Age/Grade: Parents

How to Use This Course

Written by a mom who homeschooled four children through high school graduation, these thirty-one short studies address the issues and pressures experienced by those who have chosen to educate their children at home.

Course Introduction

Do you ever avoid putting off your special time with God because you don’t know where to start when you do plan some time? This 31-day devotional book was written for just those times and will solve the dilemma. This little eBook is formatted like this: one day you read the Scriptures and answer appropriate questions and conclude with prayer. The next day gives you two pages for journaling your own thoughts on the topic discussed the previous day. It is the perfect balance between the “academics” of answering questions and the freedom of journaling your own thoughts and inspirations.

  • Day 1: Strengthened Through Christ
  • Day 2: Journal–Strengthened Through Christ
  • Day 3: God Knows You
  • Day 4: Journal–God Knows You
  • Day 5: Growing Spiritually
  • Day 6: Journal–Growing Spiritually
  • Day 7: Let Your Light Shine
  • Day 8: Journal–Let Your Light Shine
  • Day 9: Discouraged
  • Day 10: Journal–Discouraged
  • Day 11: Take My Yoke Upon You
  • Day 12: Journal–Take My Yoke Upon You
  • Day 13: Following in Christ’s Steps
  • Day 14: Journal–Following in Christ’s Steps
  • Day 15: Give Thanks
  • Day 16: Journal–Give Thanks
  • Day 17: By Design
  • Day 18: Journal–By Design
  • Day 19: Embracing Change
  • Day 20: Journal–Embracing Change
  • Day 21: Joyful Living
  • Day 22: Journal–Joyful Living
  • Day 23: Peaceful Living
  • Day 24: Journal–Peaceful Living
  • Day 25: Building Others Up
  • Day 26: Journal–Building Others Up
  • Day 27: Don’t Be Afraid
  • Day 28: Journal–Don’t Be Afraid
  • Day 29: The Lord is Great
  • Day 30: Journal–The Lord is Great
  • Day 31: Treasure in Clay Jars

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