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Whole Foods Cooking with Sue Gregg

Length:  14 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: Family
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How to Use This Course

The Whole Foods Cooking class taught by Sue Gregg, who has appeared on TV cooking shows and now offers a whole foods cooking curriculum, is meant to be studied by the entire family so even the youngest can take part and learn how to cook at an early age. The classes are best followed sequentially, as the recipes and cooking techniques increase in difficulty as they progress. Students learn how to cook breakfasts, soups, finger foods, and main dishes. There are step-by-step photo demonstrations, along with printouts that answer many of the questions that come up concerning the whole foods cooking method. Any student can benefit from this class as it not only teaches cooking, but also presents resource materials that are especially interesting to students with an interest in nutrition and health.

Course Introduction

Welcome to cooking classes where children and parents cook together, learn together, and dine together. We begin with cornbread, pancakes, coffee cake, and oatmeal, foods familiar to most people. But we prepare the ingredients in ways that are new to many. That is because the goal is to find the best ways to retain and enhance the intrinsic values in food that make it attractive, give us pleasure, satisfy appetites, energize, and finally provide a sense of well-being.

Lesson materials are divided into two parts:

1) Step-by-step photo demonstrations and

2) Talking Food Pages. Demonstrations are designed for children and adults working together. The aim is that children become skilled enough through repetition to prepare recipes independently. Some will even become competent enough to do complete meal preparations by age 13. When children participate in preparing a recipe and enjoying it around the table, everyone is pleased.

After breakfast dishes we introduce Brown Rice and Quinoa, a grain new to most people but very palatable to those who enjoy rice. From there, lessons move on to making Chicken Stock and Soups. Next Taco Chip O’le and Tuna Bunsteads—both finger food winners. We finish with Baked Parmesan Chicken, Lemon Baked Salmon, Baked Potato Gourmet, and Pasta Parmesan Supreme, main dishes we often serve at special occasions with guests around the table.

The resource materials in the Talking Food Pages are separated from the action-in-the-kitchen demonstrations so young cooks won’t get lost in technical details while completing the recipes. Nevertheless, these resources are included to answer the questions that explain the why’s, citing supporting research. Those who have an interest in nutrition and health concerns will find the resource pages especially valuable.

Finally, participants are encouraged to join other families by sharing cooking experiences, Q & A, engaging in discussion, giving and receiving encouragement on Facebook, email, and social media. You are welcome to come to the Schoolhouse Teachers Facebook group and share your whole foods cooking successes and questions.

“The universe’s Intelligent Designer has not left you clueless as to his existence and his concern for humans. He causes rain to fall on crops yielding plenty of food that satiates your stomach and fills your heart with joy” The Bible, Acts 14:17.

Detailed instructions and printable recipes that teach your family how to cook familiar recipes in healthier ways.

Download the Whole Foods Cooking class outline.

  • Introduction
  • Whole Grain Baking with the Blender: Blender Cornbread
  • Whole Grain Baking with the Blender: Almond Coffee Cake
  • Whole Grain Baking with the Blender: Blender Pancakes
  • Stove Top Cooking Cereals & Whole Grains: Hot Oatmeal
  • Stove Top Cooking Cereals & Whole Grains: Brown Rice and Quinoa
  • Soup Stock & Soups: Chicken Broth
  • Soup Stock & Soups: Complete Protein Corn Dish
  • Soup Stock & Soups: Complete Protein Bean Dish
  • Animal Protein Main Dishes: Chicken
  • Animal Protein Main Dishes: Fish
  • Animal Protein Main Dishes: Taco Chip O’le with Seasoned Ground Turkey
  • Animal Protein Main Dishes: Fish/Egg Sandwich Spread
  • Meatless Main Dishes: Potato
  • Meatless Main Dishes: Whole Grain Pasta

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