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Teaching Your Children Financial Stewardship

Length: 1 hour of video and 50+ study questions
Includes: Videos and study questions
Age/Grade: Parents

How to Use This Course

Whether your children are young kids or teenagers, there are important concepts about finances and stewardship they need to understand. This video series helps parents share Biblical strategies concerning handling money with their families.

Course Introduction

This hour-long series includes over 20 video clips that help parents address the following topics:


  • Teach Your Teen About Stewardship: When young people first leave home, they will face the potential dangers of debt and wastefulness or the blessings of Biblical stewardship. This video series teaches five practical money lessons that are crucial for every parent to impart to their teenagers.
  • A Steward of True Riches: The world teaches that the more money we acquire, the richer we become, but what if wealth is about more than our portfolios? Jesus Christ knew that money would be a great competitor for hearts that should belong only to God, and He taught more about wealth than heaven and hell combined. This video series shares life-transforming lessons about finding true riches in our Savior.
  • Teach Your Kids Financial Wisdom: This series explains five simple lessons about responsibility, work, and money that parents can teach their young children. These principles and practical steps will lay early seeds for lifelong Godly stewardship.
  • When God Gives Us Money: Are you struggling with debt? Are you unsatisfied with your possessions? Maybe you need a financial readjustment. This video explores Scripture and explains four reasons why God gives us money.
  • Teaching Students to Surrender Priorities: Money and possessions in themselves aren’t necessarily bad. But, at some point, we have to make sure that students are asking themselves if they are investing in what is best. This video shows us how to challenge students to use their resources to pursue God’s best for their lives.

A Financial Secret: Are you struggling financially? This video shares a divine financial secret that will give you the strength to endure this difficult time.

  • Teach Your Teen About Stewardship
  • A Steward of True Riches
  • Teach Your Kids Financial Wisdom
  • When God Gives Us Money
  • Teaching Students to Surrender Priorities
  • A Financial Secret

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