Unit Studies in Science

  • Animals in Disguise (1st-3rd) by World Book
  • Creation Club Science (2nd-6th) by David Rives and Kally Horn
  • Creative Nature Study (Parent/Family) by The Old Schoolhouse
  • Diet Pop and Mentos: fun experiment (3rd-6th) by Dr. Jay L. Wile
  • Earth’s Scary Animals (3rd-5th) by World Book
  • Human Body (3rd-5th) by World Book
  • Introduction to Human Body Systems (3rd-5th) by various authors
  • Introduction to Mixtures and Solutions (4th-6th) by various authors
  • Inventions (3rd-5th) by World Book
  • Insects and Spiders (6th-8th) by World Book
  • Learning About Animals (4th-5th) by World Book
  • Learning About the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars (4th-5th) by World Book
  • Learning Ladders – Terrific Trees (1st-2nd) by World Book
  • Let’s Be Scientists: a simple introduction to earth science, chemistry, and anatomy with experiments (2nd-5th) by The Old Schoolhouse
  • Light Studies (1st-5th) by Suzanne Shera/Lightlab
  • Mammals (3rd-5th): by World Book
  • Mammals: True or False (3rd-5th) by World Book
  • Natural Disasters (3rd-5th) by World Book
  • Nature’s Places (1st-2nd): by World Book
  • Oceanography: Voyage Into a Marvelous World of Creation (Parent/Family) by The Old Schoolhouse
  • Out of This World (Parent/Family) by The Old Schoolhouse
  • Real Hummers: study of hummingbirds and their design (3rd-6th) by Jeannie Fulbright
  • Sensational Sunflowers: flower study and science lab (3rd-6th) by Stephanie Ruby
  • Shocking Truth About Electricity (4th-6th) by David M. Jones
  • Silly School Songs (1st-5th) by Stephanie Rich and family
  • Story of Energy (3rd-6th) by Bonnie Rose Hudson
  • Understanding Light: introduction to the science of light and thermal imaging with experiments (3rd-6th) by David M. Jones and John Grunder
  • Watersheds and the Water Cycle (2nd-4th) by various authors
  • Weather (1st-2nd): by World Book
  • Weather (3rd-5th) by World Book
  • Weird Plants (3rd-5th) by World Book
  • What Living Things Need (1st-2nd) by World Book
  • Roundup of free garden printables, garden object lessons, gardening how-to’s, and much more
  • Plus more science printables for various ages in our special printables collection.

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