Unit Studies for Parents

  • Collections from Nature: The Stuff of Childhood by Jackie Adams
  • Fallout! Students Explain Why They Left or Stayed in the Church (VIDEO) (Parent/Family) by Creation Ministries, International
  • Family Night Ideas (Family) by Sarah McGrath
  • Getting Organized: Let’s Talk About Dinner by Jenny Stephenson
  • Getting Organized: Let’s Talk Spring Cleaning by Jenny Stephenson
  • Getting Organized: Let’s Talk About the Farm by Jenny Stephenson
  • God Used Our Daughter’s Impaired Vision to Bring Our Family Home by Wendy Woerner
  • Home Ec: It’s Not Just for Girls Anymore by Nichole Neeley
  • Home Economics (series of 15 articles) by Malia Russell
  • Learning Through Nature by Julie Jeavons
  • Spring Cleaning of the House and Heart by various authors
  • Spring Cleaning for Slackers by Katherine McKinney
  • The Trial Zone: Homeschooling Abridged to Nowhere by Sarah Sims
  • The Wows and Woes of Curriculum by Amy Simonson
  • You Call That Art? by Lindy Abbott

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