LibreOffice Writer Basics - Schoolhouse Teachers

LibreOffice Writer Basics

Length: Twenty-five lessons
Includes: Three hours of video
Age/Grade: 5th – 12th grades

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How to Use This Course

LibreOffice is free word processing software that meets many needs in both the home and in numerous places of employment. LibreOffice Writer Basics introduces students to installing the program, the toolbars, list formatting, headings, images, shapes, and fonts. Video instruction and printable assignments are included.

Course Introduction

Word processing skills are not only extremely helpful in countless home and personal situations, but also in numerous employment situations as well. This course introduces students to the basics of installing and using LibreOffice, free word processing software available online.

  • Lesson One: Installing LibreOffice
  • Lesson Two: Overview
  • Lesson Three: New-Save-Open
  • Lesson Four: Cut-Copy-Paste
  • Lesson Five: Direct Formatting
  • Lesson Six: Find-Replace-Move Toolbars
  • Lesson Seven: Find-Replace-Change Case
  • Lesson Eight: Lists-Numbers-Bullets
  • Lesson Nine: List Outline
  • Lesson Ten: Apply-Update Styles
  • Lesson Eleven: Headings Navigator
  • Lesson Twelve: Images-Linked Embed
  • Lesson Thirteen: Images-Resize-Move-Insert Methods
  • Lesson Fourteen: Images Anchor Wrap
  • Lesson Fifteen: Images Contour Wrap
  • Lesson Sixteen: Images-Right Click and Properties
  • Lesson Seventeen: Images-Filter Effects
  • Lesson Eighteen: Mid-Course Recap
  • Lesson Nineteen: Mid-Course Recap, Part 2
  • Lesson Twenty: Shapes Introduction
  • Lesson Twenty-One: Shapes-Text Connectors
  • Lesson Twenty-Two: Gallery Graphics
  • Lesson Twenty-Three: Fontwork Toolbar
  • Lesson Twenty-Four: Fontwork 3D
  • Lesson Twenty-Five: Print Document

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