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Digital Art and Product Designs for Small Business

Length: Fifty Weekly Lessons
Includes: Printable Lessons with Activities
Age/Grade: Middle – High School

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How to Use This Course

This digital art course introduces students to the world of possibilities for putting their artistic and creative skills to work online in any number of fields. The course covers rules governing images, where to find them, how to edit and manipulate images, fonts and word art, logos and banner ads, images for social media branding, product design, and more.

Course Introduction

Have you ever thought about being a professional digital artist? Or creating products like T-shirts, brochures, books and magazine covers, advertisements, logo designs, and business cards or even abstract art that you can sell online or in the retail stores downtown? Yes? Then this class is just for you! With over 10 years of creative digital art experience and inquisitive fervor, Crystal Calhoun teaches you how to stand out from the rest and to bask in the unique awesomeness God has given each and every one of you! Her words can be a bit lofty, and her confidence soars to the skies, but that’s okay, you’ll get a good dose of healthy confidence yourself as you dive into Crystal’s classes and take on the new challenges presented with each class she brings. Jump in, ask questions, and share the progress you’ve made. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Course Outline

Part One: Getting a Solid Start

Unit One: Warming Up with Higher Standards

  • Lesson 1: Be Unique!
  • Lesson 2: “Thou shalt not steal.” Image theft, it’s easier than you think.
  • Lesson 3: The amazing world of stock images and “giving credit”
  • Lesson 4: Graphic designer wages and quick image size and compression guide.
  • Lesson 5: Do what you love. Create and sell what you love and believe in.
  • Lesson 6: Business planning. Don’t dive in blindly; dive in wisely. Setting goals.
  • Lesson 7: Party time with Public Domain! 

Unit Two: Digital Art – Beginning Strong

  • Lesson 1: Awesome tools for amazing results
  • Lesson 2: Stock – the good, the bad, and the filthy
  • Lesson 3: Creating your own stock!
  • Lesson 4: Deleting backgrounds.
  • Lesson 5: Bokeh & abstract background art
  • Lesson 6: Selling Your own stock (where you can do this, and who will buy)
  • Lesson 7: Colors that create emotion and response 

Unit Three: Fun & Creative

  • Lesson 1: Exploring fonts and font rules. Yes, they have rules too!
  • Lesson 2: Motivational word art with Bible verses
  • Lesson 3: Digital scrapbooking
  • Lesson 4: Put yourself anywhere in the world and basic blending techniques.
  • Lesson 5: Changing eye colors
  • Lesson 6: Too much touchups! But here’s how the pros create a plastic new you!
  • Lesson 7: Create a new world (globe/universe art)

Part Two: Business-Related Digital Art 

Unit One: Logo Design and Logo Branding

  • Lesson 1: Exploring logo design and importance of logo branding
  • Lesson 2: Custom logo design from a signature or a sketch
  • Lesson 3: Logo design using a premade logo template 

Unit Two: Banner Advertisements

  • Lesson 1: Different sizes – different purposes
  • Lesson 2: Website homepage banners / sliders
  • Lesson 3: Category banners (promotional boxes)
  • Lesson 4: Banner ads to place other websites
  • Lesson 5: Banner ads promoted in magazines, newspapers, and other print forms 

Unit Three: Facebook and Social Cover Banners

  • Lesson 1: Rules & limitations
  • Lesson 2: Creative, memorable, you
  • Lesson 3: Exploring different styles: comic book
  • Lesson 4: Reviewing different ideas by exploring templates 

Unit Four: Product Mock-ups (fake products for advertising purposes)

  • Lesson 1: Exploring fun template mock-ups
  • Lesson 2: E-books
  • Lesson 3: T-shirts
  • Lesson 4: Gift items and more!

Unit Five: Real Product Designs

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to real product designs
  • Lesson 2: Size standards for professional print
  • Lesson 3: Best sellers: business cards
  • Lesson 4: Gift cards
  • Lesson 5: Postcards
  • Lesson 6: Flyers
  • Lesson 7: Brochures
  • Lesson 8: Book covers and creative pages
  • Lesson 9: Magazine covers and inner pages
  • Lesson 10: T-Shirts
  • Lesson 11: Mugs
  • Lesson 12: More product possibilities!
  • Lesson 13: Where you can sell your products

Transcript Information

If this course is taken in full, completing all reading and writing assignments, and the student spends approximately 180 hours completing this course, it can count for one high school credit.

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