Art Tips with Jan Bower -

Art Tips with Jan Bower

Length: 28 tips
Includes: Weekly video tips
Age/Grade: Middle-High School
Print a Certificate of Completion

How to Use This Course

These short video clips offer art tips that will help students improve at any level. All artists run into occasional roadblocks, and these professional art tips and tricks can help get past those hurdles. A new, fun, and simple art tip will be posted each week by award-winning portrait artist and illustrator Jan Bower. This course is not designed to be a stand-alone art class but rather to be used as a follow up or companion to Jan’s first course on, Drawing with Realism.

Course Introduction

Jan Bower of Drawing Success provides weekly art tips for students in a variety of mediums. These helpful and encouraging art tips have been tried and proven true over Jan Bower’s 35-year career as a portrait artist, art teacher, book illustrator, and creator of the DVD art curriculum Drawing Success. Each short clip gives simple, practical advice and encouragement to make it a little easier for the art student to find success.

You can develop your artistic skills and understanding even further with her new in-depth DVD course, Drawing Success. This systematic progression of 36 lessons gives fabulous insights into creating beautiful art that communicates powerfully. Drawing Success contains over 1200 minutes of video instruction on 10 DVDs, a thorough lesson book, and more. You can see a short video about Drawing Success below or enjoy Jan Bower’s artistic devotionals (called Drawing Closer), at

Art Tips

  • Tip One: How to get unstuck on an art project
  • Tip Two: The key to great art
  • Tip Three: Getting your art noticed
  • Tip Four: Don’t let a project go stale
  • Tip Five: Blank canvas? No fear!
  • Tip Six: Almost Finished? Take a new perspective look first.
  • Tip Seven: How to improve in your skills
  • Tip Eight: How to look for inspiration
  • Tip Nine: Tips for highlighting with graphite and charcoal
  • Tip Ten: Do you have smears on your artwork! Here’s one solution!
  • Tip Eleven: Don’t skip to the details!
  • Tip Twelve: Lighting tips
  • Tip Thirteen: Clean those brushes!
  • Tip Fourteen: More brush care tips
  • Tip Fifteen: Should you soak your brushes?
  • Tip Sixteen: Are you a packrat? Here’s some tips on how to use old brushes!
  • Tip Seventeen: Tips for making your flower stems look natural
  • Tip Eighteen: Making less-noticeable areas of your painting stand out
  • Tip Nineteen: Adding rhythm to your projects
  • Tip Twenty: The importance of highlights
  • Tip Twenty-One: Importance of focal points
  • Tip Twenty-Two: Using contrast to increase your focal point
  • Tip Twenty-Three: Using detail to increase your focal point
  • Tip Twenty-Four: Using edges to increase your focal point
  • Tip Twenty-Five: Love your projects!
  • Tip Twenty-Six: Developing style
  • Tip Twenty-Seven: Things aren’t always as they seem
  • Tip Twenty-Eight: Is your work a little drab? Here’s some tips to help you out!

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