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Learning About Art

Includes: 10 Printable Lessons
Age/Grade: Preschool and Elementary
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How to Use This Course

Learning About Art is a fun series of ten lessons specially designed to teach preschoolers and early elementary students about art. They’ll look at Audubon, Homer, Rousseau, and many other masters and learn about things like lines, movement, shapes, and more. They’ll also have a chance to make their own creative pictures. Much guidance is given, so there is no former knowledge of art required to present this class.

If you have older students, be sure to check out Sharon Jeffus’s Studio Art for Teens on SchoolhouseTeachers.com.

Course Introduction

One of the most vital subjects to teach to younger children is art. Many parents whom I have worked with find that teaching art is surprisingly easy and enjoyable. Although art is not considered a core subject in the finest sense of the word, the power of the visual mediums to communicate permeates our society. We watch movies and television; we go to beautifully designed websites that capture our imagination and teach us; we are daily bombarded with powerful visual images that convince us of one thing or another; our clothes are designed by an artist; architecture is art that we walk through. If your children are visual or kinesthetic learners, the more art you put in the school day, the more they will remember and enjoy school! The time to start art education and looking at master works of art is preschool, so let’s work together to introduce them to art one lesson at a time!

  • A is for Audubon
  • B is for Bierstadt, Buffalo, Bears, and Butterflies
  • G is for Grant Wood, Farms, and Variety in Art
  • H is for Winslow Homer and Movement in Art
  • K is for Wilhelm von Kaulbach, Butterflies, and Symmetry
  • M is for Franz Marc and Using Color
  • P is for Paul Peel, Frogs, and the Center of Interest
  • R is for Henri Rousseau, the Jungle, and Value
  • S is for George Stubbs, Animals, and the Zoo
  • T is for Trees in Art for Little Ones

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