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All About Art

Length: 6 weekly lessons
Includes: Printable lessons with activities
Age/Grade: Elementary
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How to Use This Course

This six-week course is designed to introduce children in 1st-3rd grade to the basics of color in art and significant types of art including still lifes, abstract, landscapes, and self-portraits. Each lesson includes an art activity for students to experiment with what they have learned.

Course Introduction

I hope you enjoy learning more about different art techniques and types of art! Art is a vast field of study; there are so many different kinds of art and ways to make it. Don’t ever think that you have to stick to just one way or that one way is right and another is wrong. Be brave and experiment with it. Part of the joy of art is the freedom to make things the way you wish. I urge you to pray to the Lord while you are creating and ask Him to show you things. Some of my best ideas have come from when I have prayed and talked with the Lord or studied His Word. He is the Creator of all; surely He will help you create as well. If you ask Him, He will open your eyes to things unseen.

  • Week 1: The Color Wheel
  • Week 2: Still Life
  • Week 3: Abstract Art
  • Week 4: Landscape Painting
  • Week 5: Self-Portrait
  • Week 6: Drawing a Self-Portrait

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