Christmas Corner

We have many Christmas-themed resources for your family to enjoy during your homeschool journey in December. Here’s a roundup of lessons and videos on the site.

Please note: The specific titles available each Christmas season are subject to change.

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Christmas Videos for Kids

Children’s Heroes of the New Testament Part One: Jesus’ Birth and Youth

Jesus, He Lived Among Us

Christmas Videos for Parents and Family

The Christmas Experience

The Christmas Story

Christmas-Themed Lessons

Achieving Art Success with ArtAchieve

  • Level II, Lesson 6: The German Nutcracker
  • Level II, Lesson 13: The Polish Szopka
  • Level IV, Lesson 8: The Stained Glass Nativity Window

Advent Mini Unit

  • Found in our Unit Studies in Holiday section

Adventures with Books

  • Christmas and Gingerbread

Animal Science

  • Animals of the Nativity


  • Christmas Architecture (Gingerbread Houses)

Bible Adventures 

  • Birth of the King (multiple languages available)

Cranberry Christmas eBook

  • Found in our Unit Studies in Holiday section

Daily Writing

  • Various Christmas-themed Prompts in the December Lists

Decorate the Christmas Cookies

  • Coloring fun with simple handwriting practice for PreK/K

Ditch the Desk

  • Candy Canes
  • Gifts and Winter
  • History of the Christmas Tree
  • Keeping Christ in Christmas and Character Before Curriculum
  • Saint Nicholas unit study on the real Saint Nicholas

Elementary Art

  • Advent Art

Everyday Copywork

  • See the Holidays section of the Everyday Copywork archive for lots of Christmas copywork!

Everyday Easels

  • St. Joseph the Carpenter by Georges de La Tour
  • Presentation of Christ in the Temple by Giovanni di Paolo
  • Tree of Jesse

History of Hanukkah

  • Found in our Unit Studies in Holiday section

History of Holidays in America

  • Christmas Unit on pp. 46-49 of the Lessons

Homegrown Parenting

  • Beyond Toys and Games
  • Christmas Reading for the Whole Family

Homespun Holidays Fall/Winter eBook

  • Found in our Unit Studies in Holiday section

Kinetic Connections

  • Christmas Ideas


  • Christmas in the Barn
  • The Gift of the Magi
  • Why the Chimes Rang
  • Luke 2


  • Special Christmas Lesson available as an additional download for Lesson 14


  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, found in the Chronicles of Narnia study

Loving Literature Through Chapter Books

  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, found in the Chronicles of Narnia study


  • Christmas Changes


  • Lesson 10: Projects (Photo Gifts You Can Create)

Photography Challenge

  • Challenge to keep your skills sharp over the holidays with Challenges #45 and #46 (pp. 45-46 of the lessons)

Pre-K Activities: Read and Play

  • Luke 1-2 and Matthew 2

Reader’s Theater

  • Various poems

Reading Lists (Monthly Book List)

  • Christmas Parts I, II, II, IV, and V reading lists, as well as Let It Snow and Snow reading lists

Renaissance History

  • A Renaissance Christmas

Schoolhouse Music Recorder Lessons

  • Bonus – Christmas Piano Lessons
  • This unit study can be found in our Unit Studies in Music page

Simply Shakespeare

  • Rest Ye Merry-A Shakespearean Celebration

Studio Art for Teens

  • Wonderful Christmas Gift Ideas and Art
  • Angels in Art
  • Snow and Ice in Art and Literature
  • Bells in Art, Literature, and Music

The People and Places of Christmas

  • Unit can be found in A Study of Extraordinary Women of the Bible


  • Joy to the World


  • “Advent”

Writing: Design Your Own Winter Wonderland

  • This Writing Unit Study can be found in our Unit Studies in Holiday section.

12 Days of Christmas: Encouragement Articles for Parents

Click here for dozens of additional holiday resources!

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