Ancient Citizens in Ancient Civilizations -

Ancient Citizens in Ancient Civilizations

Length:  9 lessons
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 5th – 7th Grades
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How to Use This Course

From oligarchies to democracies and republics to monarchies, the nations of the world have tried many forms of government. This course can be done as a short stand-alone unit or alongside a history class to highlight a few of the ways man has attempted to govern himself, what has worked, and what has not. A brief look at parliamentary procedure and the Christian foundation of the United States is also included.

Course Introduction

Every single day, we are affected by the decisions and actions of the government under which you live. In the United States, which is considered a democracy, we have been given the right to vote (women only since 1920!), which means we have an opportunity to express our opinions about who we would like to lead our country both locally and nationally. Your parents have probably gone to vote during your lifetime. Maybe you went with them to see how it was done. You, also, will be able to vote in just a short number of years, so it is important to understand what a democracy is and what other government types there have been (and actually, still are) throughout history.

In this study, we will be looking at several historical governments as well as learning about our own. We will learn about the Christian principles upon which much of our government is based, and we will be learning about what makes each style of governance interesting and unique.

To Parents: the structure of these lessons is meant to be interactive and ACTIVE. Therefore, there will be at least one book referred to in each lesson (which you can obtain through your local library, or I will also list a place where you can read it for free) as well as activities.  Please take advantage of these portions of the lesson in order to make this a more fulfilling experience for the student.

  • Lesson One: Ancient Greece
  • Lesson Two: Ancient Rome
  • Lesson Three: Ancient Celtic Peoples
  • Lesson Four: Ancient China
  • Lesson Five: Ancient Egypt
  • Lesson Six: Byzantine Empire
  • Lesson Seven: Ancient Africa
  • Lesson Eight: How Christian Beliefs Shaped the Founding of America
  • Lesson Nine: Parliamentary Procedure

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