Preschool Playground: Social Studies -

Preschool Playground: Social Studies

Includes: 12+ Hands On Activities
Age/Grade: Preschool
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How to Use This Course

With more than a dozen different activities and activity ideas, the Preschool Playground Social Studies collection can be used to supplement early learning or as part of our complete Preschool Playground curriculum.

Course Introduction

Welcome! The Social Studies pack can be used one of two ways. If you are using it as part of the complete Preschool Playground curriculum, be sure to check out the instructions on the Preschool Playground page on for links to the rest of the preschool classes. You will see that these pages are formatted in the notebook style described there. Please simply ignore the page numbers on these pages. They are there for parents who are selecting only specific activities.

If you are picking and choosing fun activities from a variety of sources or aren’t doing a formal preschool year with your students and are just looking for creative ways to introduce academic concepts, please download this unit and use whatever sheets fit your interests. An activity could be a few sentences or a few pages. You’ll find structured worksheets along with fun ideas to do in the car, the kitchen, or just about anywhere. The amazing thing about learning is that it can happen anywhere, often when you least expect it. Enjoy!

  • Introduction
  • Families and Communities
  • Drawing Page
  • Where Families Live
  • Building Communities
  • Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Beginning a Map
  • Drawing a Map
  • Drawing Page
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Feelings
  • Showing Feelings
  • You’re Unique
  • Name, Age, Birthday
  • American Holidays

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