Unit Studies in Language Arts

  • Around the World in 80 Days (6th-8th) by Jennie Cunningham
  • Beowulf: Fact or Fiction (Parent/Family) by The Old Schoolhouse
  • Children’s Literature for Life: for The Bronze Bow (3rd-9th) by Fran May
  • Children’s Literature for Life: for Carry On, Mr. Bowditch (3rd-9th) by Fran May
  • Children’s Literature for Life: for Mama’s Bank Account (3rd-9th) by Fran May
  • Children’s Literature for Life: for Strawberry Girl (3rd-9th) by Fran May
  • Exploring Types of Poetry (3rd-5th): by various authors
  • Growing Readers: activities to supplement Owls in the Family (4th-6th) by Erin Dean
  • Growing Readers: activities to supplement Pippi Longstocking (4th-6th) by Erin Dean
  • How to Write a Research Paper (3rd-5th): by various authors
  • Play What You Mean: Creative Ways to Teach Communication Skills (Parent/Family) by The Old Schoolhouse
  • Reading Comprehension Skills and Templates (K-4th) by Bonnie Rose Hudson
  • Reflecting on Poetry (6th-8th): by various authors. *Parents: please note that this unit includes two selections by Edgar Allan Poe. Please read through this unit to make sure it is appropriate for your children. It is not recommended for students younger than middle school.
  • Silly School Songs (1st-5th) by Stephanie Rich and family
  • Writing Process (2nd-4th): by various authors
  • Plus more literature, reading, writing, and spelling printables for various ages in our special printables collection.

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