Unit Studies for Bible and Apologetics

  • Beloved Bible Stories (2nd-5th) by The Old Schoolhouse
  • Creation vs. Evolution: Interpreting the Evidence (7th-12th) by Dr. Carl Wieland and Darren Nelson
  • Fallout! Students Explain Why They Left or Stayed in the Church (VIDEO) (Parent/Family) by Creation Ministries, International
  • Healthy Mind Matchup (Family): by Nancy Stornes
  • Hermeneutics 101: Rightly Dividing the Word of God (9th-12th) by NA’Arah Talitha Rollinson
  • Independent Thought in an Evolution-Soaked World, Part I (9th-12th) by Dr. Alex McFarland
  • Independent Thought in an Evolution-Soaked World, Part 2 (9th-12th) by Dr. Alex McFarland
  • Intelligent Design: Why the Fuss, and What’s It About? (7th-12th) by Dr. Carl Wieland and Darren Nelson
  • Why Is Jesus Different from the Gods of Other Religions That Claim a Virgin Birth and a Resurrection? (7th-12th) by Dr. Alex McFarland
  • Where Did the Universe Come From? (9th-12th) by Dr. Alex McFarland
  • Relativism PLUS a bonus video on Christianity and science (9th-12th) by Dr. Alex McFarland
  • Creation and Evolution Thoughts to Ponder (7th – 12th) by Jay Schabacker

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