Living Geography -

Living Geography

Length: 16 weeks
Includes: Printable lessons and activities
Age/Grade: 1st – 2nd grade
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How to Use This Course

Living Geography introduces students to a few of the many cultures and countries of the world through the story of Lucy, who is stuck inside while recovering from an illness. Printable activities focus on communicating key geography concepts to young students.

Course Introduction

When little Lucy is sent to her uncle’s house to recuperate from an illness, she occupies herself by studying a large globe. Before she knows it, she finds herself exploring other lands, meeting children from around the world, and discovering new sights, smells, and adventures. Through Lucy’s story and printable worksheets, students can learn about continents, oceans, countries, homes, animals, mountains, and much more.

Printable lessons with activities.

  • Lesson One: Continents
  • Lesson Two: Oceans
  • Lesson Three: Italy
  • Lesson Four: Greenland
  • Lesson Five: Mountains
  • Lesson Six: Africa
  • Lesson Seven: Lapland
  • Lesson Eight: China
  • Lesson Nine: Kamchatka
  • Lesson 10: Switzerland and the Alps
  • Lesson 11: Cossacks and Horses
  • Lesson 12: Spain and Fruit Trees
  • Lesson 13: Germany and Meal Time
  • Lesson 14: Paris
  • Lesson 15: America
  • Lesson 16: Dream of Peace

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