Appreciating the Gift of Music -

Appreciating the Gift of Music

Length:  18 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: Kindergarten
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How to Use This Course

This fun introduction to music class for kindergarteners focuses on helping children enjoy music. There are lessons about instruments (including their own bodies!), three well-known instrumental pieces, and the difference between rhythm and beat. Ample instruction and guidance is provided for the parent so you can confidently enjoy sharing this course with your children even if you don’t know an accordion from a xylophone.

Course Introduction

The main focus in this series of lessons will be for children to enjoy music. They will find out how their own body can operate like an instrument and have fun trying to find out different sounds they can make. They will hear a little more about a few instruments and then learn that there is a classification into several instrument families, just like they are part of a family. After reviewing what they have learned, they will look more in detail at three well-known instrumental pieces. The children will, furthermore, learn the difference between rhythm and beat and get to have fun with different rhythms and beats. Most lessons include one or a couple of work/activity sheets for the child.

  • Lesson One: My Body Can Make Noises – Just Sing
  • Lesson Two: The Piano
  • Lesson Three: The Guitar
  • Lesson Four: The Violin
  • Lesson Five: The Trumpet
  • Lesson Six: The Flute
  • Lesson Seven: The Drum
  • Lesson Eight: Instrument Families in Music
  • Lesson Nine: Review of the Instruments Learned
  • Lesson Ten: Peter and the Wolf
  • Lesson Eleven: The Four Seasons
  • Lesson Twelve: The Carnival of the Animals
  • Lesson Thirteen: Types of Music
  • Lesson Fourteen: Difference Between Rhythm and Beat
  • Lesson Fifteen: Move to Music/Rhythm
  • Lesson Sixteen: A Few Nursery Rhymes A-Z
  • Lesson Seventeen: How to Behave in an Audience
  • Lesson Eighteen: Review/Wrap-Up

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