Klara E. Skariah

Lesson Designer

Based in Southeast England, UK, Klara E. Skariah has been working for Letterland International Ltd. since 2012. She holds a master’s degree of Applied Linguistics from Karl-Franzens University in Austria.

In addition to her job, Klara loves spending time with her beloved family, teaching Sunday School for toddlers, singing, making and writing music, having deep conversations about her beloved Lord Jesus Christ and listening to audio books and dramas.

Music has always been one of the most important things in Klara’s life while growing up. She started singing (humming melodies) before she could talk and harmonises with any melody she hears even now. She started taking piano lessons from the age of 5 and just loves playing an instrument when she gets a chance.

Klara has written a number of songs to praise her loving Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. She firmly believes that all gifting she possesses is a gift of God for His glory, and there is nothing she desires more than to give Him all glory.

Courses Taught by Klara:

Appreciating the Gift of MusicThis fun introduction to music class for kindergarteners focuses on helping children enjoy music. There are lessons about instruments (including their own bodies!), three well-known instrumental pieces, and the difference between rhythm and beat. Ample instruction and guidance is provided for the parent so you can confidently enjoy sharing this course with your children even if you don’t know an accordion from a xylophone.