Inger Koppenhaver

Lesson Designer

Every month, Inger Koppenhaver works behind the scenes to bring you an exciting new Ditch the Desk you can do with your family! Inger grew up in a city by the beach in California, but loves living in her small Norman Rockwell kind of town on the prairie in Montana. She is a published author, a homeschool mom of four adorable children who also just happens to own a 50’s style café with her mother-in-law.

Course Co-Authored by Inger

Ditch the Desk: If you would like your K-5th grade student to observe the world around them, without being tied to a desk, Ditch the Desk is a course you will want to explore. Ditch the Desk contains weekly and monthly unit studies that examine many different topics, such as being an author or illustrator, baking with math, birds, the life of a frontier photographer, fairy tales, the ocean, weather, and more. Your student will experience learning from a hands-on approach while studying math, science, writing, art, and more. The activities are fun, creative, and educational. If your student does not enjoy the traditional “sitting at a desk,” incorporate a little Ditch the Desk into their day to help them learn while “on the move.”