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Courses Taught by RightNow Media Originals:

Addressing Cultural Issues: How is Jesus unique? Has our society’s consumer culture influenced how we think of Jesus? How should Christians respond to a culture that not only rejects but attacks traditional Biblical values? This course helps high school students explore these issues and form Biblical responses.

Building Faithful Marriages Marriages face threats from all sides—busyness, financial stress, anger, resentment, adultery. This video series helps couples look at some of these threats and find healthy, Biblically based methods of protecting against them and healing from the hurt they can cause.

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Into the Elements is a writing workshop with best-selling author Donald Miller that helps students learn how to engage their audience and offer life-changing truth by following the lessons of storytelling found in the Bible. Whether students are pursuing writing or public speaking, they can learn valuable principles from this workshop.

Living Life with Purpose: Whether you are searching for meaning or adventure, feel overwhelmed or under motivated, or are struggling with facing the unknown or yourself in the mirror, Living Life with Purpose can help strengthen and encourage you through solid teaching and engaging videos.

In Making Marriage Work with Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, twenty couples share their deepest struggles, conflicts, and misconceptions about marriage. This four-part video series includes Biblical and practical tips to cultivate a healthy and happy marriage.

Marriage: Built to Last isn’t your typical marriage study. Throughout the series, you’ll watch 24 real-life couples from across the country share candidly about their struggles in communication, finances, sexual intimacy, expectations, and more. Whether you’re newly married, remarried, or wanting to improve your relationship, Chip Ingram provides Biblical and practical teaching to give you tools to live intentionally and love Biblically.

Parenting Your Teenager: Good parenting means using your head, your heart, and your faith. Parenting Your Teenager with Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott equips moms and dads to recognize common patterns, plan effective strategies, and build character. Worksheets accompany this 90-minute video course.

Parenting: The Early Years: In these six sessions, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott will take you through a parenting approach that takes a sneak peek at real-life parenting moments and vulnerable questions from twenty families, helps you discover ten Biblical traits that will make you a better person and a better parent, and enables you to begin to intentionally pass on key traits to your kids.

Teaching Your Children Financial Stewardship: Whether your children are young kids or teenagers, there are important concepts about finances and stewardship they need to understand. This video series helps parents share Biblical strategies concerning handling money with their families.

To the End of the Age: Poverty. Persecution. Corruption. These are only some of the problems that plague our world. To the End of the Age is a special series of nine videos that will help students learn about these problems and discover ways they can be part of the solution.