Cathy Diez-Luckie

Lesson Designer

Cathy Diez-Luckie, home educator and publisher at Figures In Motion, is committed to helping parents provide meaningful hands-on activities for their children. For children who love history and require additional creative projects, or to reveal the wonder of history to reluctant learners, Cathy’s award-winning activity books inspire discovery and imagination.

Easy to assemble, these movable articulated paper figures of the great men and women of history are designed to supplement any history curriculum or stand alone as a project to accompany biographies. Cut, color, and assemble the figure, then act out the stories of history or tell about the past with your historical creation! Cathy is devoted to creating worthwhile and easy-to-use activities for busy families that will ignite a child’s interest in history.”

Course taught by Cathy

Figures in History Figures in History provides little hands full-color cutouts or blank cutouts to color that they can use for hands-on history fun, similar to paper dolls. Each unit includes some facts about an historic person as well as word puzzles or other activities. This class is designed for preschool through lower elementary.