Yvonne Blake

Lesson Designer

Yvonne Blake has lived in the deserts of Arizona, the tropic islands of the Bahamas, the rugged hills of New York, and the farmlands of mid-Maine. Her father was a school teacher and pastor, and her mother was a nurse. As Yvonne traveled through life, she packed her memories of settings, experiences, and characters in the corners of her mind.

After teaching in a Christian school for twelve years and seeing the youngest of her eight children leave home, Yvonne developed her writing skills by completing the Journeyman Course of the Christian Writers Guild and participating in Faithwriters for several years. She continues to teach children how to write on her website Polliwog Pages and at writing workshops.

Yvonne and her husband live on the coast of Maine, enjoying their grandchildren and quieter times together. Yvonne is now unpacking the boxes of memories to put them into poems, short stories, and novels. She prays her writing will be used of the Lord to entertain, enlighten, and encourage others.

Course taught by Yvonne

Daily Discoveries: Each month we will take a look at the world around us and explore various environments such as the forest, the seashore, and ponds. Each week’s lesson contains reading material, vocabulary exercises, math, writing prompts, and an activity. Complete the study in one day, or do a little at a time; it is completely up to you!