Kristen Lauria

Lesson Designer

Kristen has been a curious student her whole life, and she likes to pass on not just her knowledge, but her love of learning. She graduated high school and immediately joined the US Navy’s Nuclear Propulsion program. She spent four years in the Navy learning about nuclear reactors and then decided to start a family when she got out. Since then, she has finished her BS in Physics with a minor in Math. She has also gotten her MS in Education and is certified in the state of Pennsylvania to teach physics and chemistry.

She enjoys reading and writing and loves helping others. It really makes her happy to find a way to help a student learn the material they are struggling with and learn to love the challenge. She doesn’t believe learning should be confined to school—it should be a part of our everyday lives.

Having experienced so many different environments in her life, she has learned not only a large amount of information, but she has also learned how to translate that information so that many others can understand it as well. Because we all learn differently, it is important to find materials to fit what the student needs to learn.

She lives in PA with her husband and two kids whom she has homeschooled for the last four years.

Course taught by Kristen

Physics (high school): This course is a non-AP level physics course. If students plan on attending college, regardless of intended major, it will be adequate preparation and a complete course for a high school student; however, the math will not be quite as intense. A knowledge of math through Algebra 2 or trigonometry is helpful for taking this course, and having a basic physical science background in topics such as the scientific process, states of matter, and basic atomic structure before taking this course is recommended.