Marla Szwast

Lesson Designer

Marla Szwast lives in Colfax, Washington with her husband and six children. She is passionate about teaching children in a developmentally appropriate way.  She loves homeschooling and wrote the Stepping Through History curriculum as a tool to bring children gently into an awareness of what the world was like just a short time ago. note: External links may be automatically included within third party websites; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by nor by the lesson designer of any products, services, or opinions of the corporation, organization, or individual. Parents may wish to preview all links because third-party websites include ads that may change over time.

Course by Marla

Stepping Through History: Starting with You!
History is full of stories, and this modern history class for early elementary students helps students learn the story of history starting with their own. They’ll build a family tree and then work backward through history until the 1870s and the days of Alexander Graham Bell. There are fun notebooking activities designed to help your child personalize their story of history.

Course Co-Authored by Marla:

Exploring God’s World with Fifth Grade Science: This course is designed to teach fifth grade students about the incredible creativity and diversity evident throughout creation. Through weekly lessons, reading assignments, comprehension questions, and periodic activities, students will study and explore the world around them.