Dr. Craig Biehl

Lesson Designer

Craig writes and teaches on various theological topics, including worldview and apologetics, systematic theology, the theology of Jonathan Edwards, the infinite excellence and beauty of God in Christ, and the Christian life.

He launched Pilgrim’s Rock to develop material to boost the believers’ joy, comfort, and faith in Christ and Scripture, and to nurture in believers and their children a God-honoring and intellectually defensible worldview that can survive and thrive in the face of sophisticated attacks of unbelief. In addition to other theology and Bible courses, Craig has taught the Unbreakable Faith course at the seminary, college, church youth and adult Sunday school level.

Craig received his AB in economics from Cal Berkeley, MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management, ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary, and PhD in Systematic Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary.

Craig and his wife minister in Pennsylvania.

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Courses taught by Dr. Craig Biehl

Introduction to Theology Part One: Foundation: What is theology, and is the study of theology relevant and practical for living? This advanced class challenges students to dig deeper into Scripture as they study theology, its practical applications to living, the dangers of wrong approaches to theology, and the fundamentals of several doctrines including Bibliology, anthropology, Christology, and ecclesiology.

Introduction to Theology, Part Two: Soteriology: The better we understand the doctrine of salvation, the better we understand the magnificent mercy, grace, love, justice, wrath, holiness, and power of God. The doctrine of salvation, soteriology, and its relationship to other doctrines, is studied in depth in this course.

Reading Religious Affections: This advanced class challenges students to dig deeper into Scripture while examining Jonathan Edwards’ classic work Religious Affections. Through twenty units, Dr. Biehl examines the arguments raised in the book and poses numerous questions and points for discussion.

Study of Original Sin by Jonathan Edwards:  What is original sin? Is man really born sinful, and if so, why? Is God fair to judge man for sin when he was born without the ability to be righteous before Him? These are a few of the questions answered by Jonathan Edwards in his classic treatise, The Great Doctrine of Original Sin Defended. Though written in response to Dr. John Taylor’s arguments against the doctrine, Edwards’ classic was primarily written “as a general defense of that great important doctrine.”

Unbreakable Faith: Assurance in a World of Unbelief: How’s your worldview? Is it prepared for a culture where Christ, Scripture, and everything you believe will be ridiculed and challenged? Are you ready for colleges’ sophisticated arguments against faith in Christ? Discover an intellectually defensible and God-honoring worldview for you and your children, and develop a truly Unbreakable Faith.