David Shepson

Lesson Designer

David Shepson is the principal and founder of Applied Accounting Dynamics, a full service accounting, tax, and finance consulting company he started in February 2010. He earned a Master of Science in Accountancy from the University of Phoenix after completing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He also earned the Enrolled Agent designation in 2012. He has been teaching accounting courses as an adjunct instructor at the college level since 2011, which he loves! Teaching is truly his first love. Accounting is a close second.

He is blessed to be married with four children whom he and his wife homeschool. He has tried to structure this class with the needs of homeschoolers in mind. His approach to developing this content is to present concepts in an understandable manner, using non-accounting metaphors and parallels whenever possible to help students absorb the ideas. Another objective he has is to help students understand the interdisciplinary nature of accounting. No subject exists in a vacuum. Accounting, Economics, Sociology, Theology, and Science are all connected. Last but not least he desires students to see how a Christian ethic lived out by committed people could change the landscape of corporate America (or whichever country they may live in). America is experiencing an ethical crisis that is threatening the underpinnings of our financial systems. Today’s students may very well be part of the solution. In doing so, they may create a platform for the Gospel that changes the tone of the national conversation on Christianity. He knows it sounds big, but he believes it can happen—go read about William Wilberforce.


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Courses by David:

Accounting 101 is designed to equip students with the mastery of accounting fundamentals they will need in order to be prepared for their college classes while presenting these concepts in easy-to-digest ways. Its goal is to help students appreciate the state of the industry and the world of finance as a whole in such a way as to be able to operate from a Christian worldview to effect positive change if they choose an accounting or other business career. Concepts are presented in units, with each unit being broken down into weekly lessons.