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Dr. William Spivey

Lesson Designer

Dr. William Spivey, Creator/Founder and Steven Spivey, President of Writing Express. Dr. William B. Spivey is a dynamic, international presenter dedicated to helping parents and teachers improve the quality of student writing at all grade levels. He has taught in public schools over 40 years at elementary, middle, and high school levels as well as in continuation high school. In addition, Dr. Spivey was a key presenter at the 2014 California Home School Convention presenting: “Engaging students in Writing at every grade level,” and the 2014 AFHE (Arizona Families for Home Education) convention in Phoenix.  He has given courses at several universities for teachers of writing, grades K-12. He is an English Teacher Specialist for the state of California, a fellow of the San Diego Area Writing Project, and a presenter at many conferences including the Promising Practices Convention in San Diego and the Gulf Coast Writing Conference, where he was a keynote speaker as well as a presenter. In addition, he has conducted hundreds of in-services for teachers at all grade levels in many school districts and home school conventions throughout the United States. Learn more about Dr. Spivey’s work at www.writingexpress.net.

Course taught by Dr. William Spivey

The Writing Mechanics course teaches writing in an engaging way that helps students improve the quality of their writing by improving the quality of each sentence that goes into their writing. Your student will learn to “build” sentences that are more expressive and descriptive, which in turn will help them to better communicate their point in all of the writing they do.