Erica Thomas

Lesson Designer

Erica Thomas is a pastor’s wife, home-school mother of five, and an early childhood/child development educator. She lives in the heart of Amish country in Indiana, and she loves it!  For articles and fun activities, visit her website The Nursery HomeSchool site is a place for mommy and baby where Erica wants to encourage and uplift the most important job that God has given us, MOTHERHOOD! She will post articles and fun activities that you can do with your baby that helps promote physical, cognitive, social-emotional and spiritual development.

Course taught by Erica

Baby Beginnings is a series of lessons and activities you can do with your baby to encourage nurturing, playing, and learning. The lessons are tailored to the months of your baby’s development. From fun songs to learning his name, watching himself in the mirror to being rocked by you, your baby has many precious moments ahead of him. Enjoy this series of lessons that will share ideas of what you can do with him each month of his first two years.