Lynda Ackert

Lesson Designer

Lynda Ackert is a veteran educator of 20+ years. She began her career as a certified K-8th teacher after receiving a B.S. in both Psychology and Elementary Education. Before becoming an adoptive mother at the age of 33, she taught in elementary schools in Mississippi and for the Department of Defense in Okinawa, Japan. As a mother, she homeschooled her son from kindergarten through 12th grade. While homeschooling, she discovered a love for creating educational material, and in 2010, she founded the Christian Home School Hub (now also known as as a way to connect and offer educational materials to others who share her passion to teach our most precious gifts, our children.

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Course taught by Lynda

Independent Morning Work for Kinders: This is a great collection of morning work for kindergarteners designed to keep little hands busy and active minds engaged. It reviews numerous math and language arts topics such as counting, alphabetical order, colors, number words, beginning and ending sounds, handwriting practice, syllables, tally marks, number lines, skip counting, comparisons, and much more.

Learning About Character Traits: This course has been designed to help students begin to think about and discuss forty different character traits. Designed for grades 3-6, both positive and negative traits will be introduced, and students will be required to make connections to their own lives as well as to literature. This course may easily be adapted for families with children of multiple ages. You may also use it in the context of family reading time!