Video Adventures of Donkey Ollie

Adventures of Donkey Ollie is an exciting half-hour animated series for younger elementary. The stories revolve around a young donkey named Ollie, who lives at the time of Jesus. Bolstered by his faith in God, Ollie learns courage and bravery as he travels throughout the ancient world. Donkey Ollie is sure to capture the hearts of all children and their parents.

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Please Note: These shows are designed for young children, but there a couple of intense scenes that we recommend parents preview before sharing to be sure they are appropriate for your children. You’ll see a notice over certain videos when you hover over their image explaining in short some of the intense scenes in that video.

School Courses with Donkey Ollie

Short description of the courses below.  I’ll need your help here.  Donkey Ollie and the Lord’s Prayer Donkey Ollie and the Miracles of Jesus Donkey Ollie and the Names of God Donkey Ollie and the Parables of Jesus Donkey Ollie and the Ten Commandments.  Members can click the images below to be taken directly to their courses.

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