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Welcome to Keyboarding on!

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Hello, my eager typers. We will be using the Typing Coach program along with video, audio, and written instructions to learn the basics and evaluate your skills as we proceed.

By the end of the course, you should be able to type with very few mistakes while not looking at the keyboard or monitor at all. If you find that you are peeking or typing many errors, then you should repeat the lessons.

Remember to go through everything in order, proceeding at your own pace as long as you do not move on until you have mastered EVERYTHING up to that point first. Spend time each week practicing the new material. If you don’t, you will fall behind.

Are you ready?  Are you set?  Do not look at that keyboard or monitor.  Now, finish well, typer, finish well!

Keyboarding on Schoolhouse Teachers

Course Outline

Introduction to The Typing Coach

Week 1: Course Introduction

Week 2: Posture and Home Row

Week 3: Top Row

Week 4: Bottom Row

Week 5: Shift Keys

Week 6: Evaluating Your Skills

Week 7: Practice

Week 8: Number Row

Week 9: Assessment

Week 10: Conclusion

For a printable course outline, click here.

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In addition, David has written extensively on family finances at his Household Budget Made Easy website. His goal is to help families become financially free so Dads are able to spend more stress free time with their children, homeschooling and mentoring them to be godly, responsible men and women.