Rachel Roden

Lesson Designer

Rachel Roden enjoys helping others learn.  From childhood, she enjoyed helping younger siblings and foster siblings with their homework, as well as keeping the kids her mom babysat entertained with outdoor adventure games and stories. She began working with Awana Sparks during 10th grade and soon was in charge of the brand new Cubbies program by her Senior year.

A LeTourneau University graduate, a BA in Mathematics and a minor in Bible enabled her to teach at a Christian school during her early marriage.  Not many teachers have had the opportunity to teach both High School Geometry and K-4 during the same year! She left teaching when her daughter was born in 1995 and began homeschooling kids who needed extra help from the Christian school.

Eventually, she and her husband returned to the Texas town where they grew up and have raised two daughters. Their oldest authors fantasy fiction, publishes on Amazon under the name Kendra E. Ardek, runs a small publishing business, and hosts Indie-Econ each year.  Their second daughter, Vannan, has a nanny position and is considering a career in Special Needs Therapy while she explores photography and artistic mediums.   Two children are still home, a young teen son, Joel, and a mid-grade school daughter, LaRue.

Her homeschool has evolved from a strict schedule using Alpha Omega Lifepacs and Switched on Schoolhouse to text books from Rod and Staff. She has more recently eased into mostly home-stitched curriculums and heavy usage of online materials such as SchoolhouseTeachers.com and books and videos from the Internet and library.

Courses Taught by Rachel:

Discovering American Folktales begins with an introductory lesson that helps parents and students explore what a story is and how different types of stories exist from around the world. It then moves into a fun and engaging look at the folktales of Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, John Henry, and Uncle Remus.