Rebekah Teague

Lesson Designer

Rebekah is a homeschool momma with a background in hair-dos, education, and writer’s block. She attended Arkansas State University where she majored in Early Childhood Education. She’s a preacher’s kid who was born on the mission field in Nicaragua. She married a preacher and is now raising a preacher’s kid. When Rebekah isn’t helping with their small church located in Indiana, she can be found decorating the parsonage, pretending to clean the parsonage and, of course, homeschooling. Rebekah is a history buff and considers herself a bookworm of the highest order. Her blog, There Will Be a $5 Charge For Whining, is where you will find her most weeks . . . unless she is pretending to clean the parsonage.

Courses Taught by Rebekah:

US and Modern World History: From the days following the end of World War II through the War on Terror and beyond, the US and Modern World History course examines events that have shaped the nation and the world through the lens of a Christian worldview by looking at not only what happened, but why it happened and what the consequences and impact have been.