Alex McFarland

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Dr. Alex McFarland shared four of his thought-provoking apologetics articles with us. You can find all four below, including discussion questions, at the links below.

Independent Thought in an Evolution-Soaked World, Part I

Independent Thought in an Evolution-Soaked World, Part 2

Why Is Jesus Different from the Gods of Other Religions That Claim a Virgin Birth and a Resurrection?

Where Did the Universe Come From?

Relativism PLUS a bonus video on Christianity and science

Dr. Alex McFarland is a speaker, author of 10 books, and advocate for Christian apologetics. He serves as director of the Center for Christian Worldview and Apologetics at North Greenville University, a leading U.S. Christian college. He has spoken in hundreds of locations throughout North America and internationally and has preached in more than 1,300 churches.