Michelle Subbert

Lesson Designer

Michelle Subbert is a military spouse and homeschooling mother of five. Her husband, Kevin, is retiring this year from 27 years in the US Navy. Their family has moved six times from coast to coast and over to Japan. Although the traveling was fun, the family is excited to start the next phase of their lives on their small homestead. Michelle has completed her BA in history and is currently working on her MA in American History.

Michelle has been homeschooling for the past twelve years. She has been involved with numerous homeschool support groups and has taught in many co-op classes. In her history classes, she hopes her students come to realize how fun and exciting history can be. She studies and reads and tries to bring in new and interesting facts to her classes.


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Course by Michelle

American Government is an 18-week course that looks at the question, “What is government?” It traces the history of the government of the United States from the Declaration of Independence through the Bill of Rights. It explores the three branches of government, key Supreme Court rulings, the role of state and local governments, the duties of a citizen, the history of political parties and elections, and concludes with a look at the history of several key presidents and a research project for students to complete.