Becca Edens

Lesson Designer

Becca has been married to her jack-of-all-trades husband for 20 years. Together they have homeschooled their four children (ages 19,17,12 & 11) for twelve years. An herbal enthusiast and former chocolate junkie, Becca studied Biblical studies and early childhood education in Bible college. She has taught Sunday school and children’s church for five years and was co-youth leader with her husband for two years. She can be found at, where she blogs inconsistently.

Courses Taught by Becca:

A Study of Extraordinary Women in the Bible: This Bible study course takes a look at some well-known, as well as some very obscure, women of the Old and New Testament to see what it really means to be a wise and courageous woman of God! These ladies were bold and strong. Some were regular women going about their lives and jobs who stepped out in courage and risked their lives to obey God, while others were called out to be judges, leaders, and prophetesses. You’ll see in some of the stories that these women were human and made plenty of mistakes along the way, but they were added to this study because of how they used their unique feminine qualities in service to God. God lifted these women up and gave them important tasks for His purposes, and He does the same for anyone today who will answer His call.