Carle Brocksmith

Lesson Designer

Carle is a homeschool mom in her sixteenth year of educating her three amazing daughters. In a former life, before kids, she graduated from Oklahoma State University Oklahoma City and worked in I.T. After having children, she devoted her time to parenting and then homeschooling and has graduated her first daughter into college and soon will graduate her next. She learned Latin alongside her daughters for their school and taught it in homeschool co-ops for around seven years, tutoring kids and preparing them for the National Latin Exams. She also spends time as a Girl Scout Leader and volunteering in Christian Education at her church. Her youngest is starting second grade this year, so she will be happily busy homeschooling for quite awhile to come!

Courses Taught by Carle:

Latin II

Latin II: What more could there be to learn about a “dead language” than what was included in Beginning Latin? Come find out! Latin II is a twenty-six course that covers advanced topics, such as first, second, and third conjugations; adjective and noun declensions; irregular verbs; and more. This course is suitable for middle and high school students who have taken Beginning Latin and includes PowerPoints, videos, and quizzes.