Cherie Stamile

Lesson Designer

Cherie Stamile is author of Landmarks in Science Fiction Literature. This course is a result of a home-grown literature elective developed for her oldest daughter who is now a college student.

Cherie holds a bachelor’s degree in art education and English and maintains her professional teaching certification in art education. She has taken numerous grad classes in the areas of art, educational theory, language arts, and special education for the purposes of state re-certification requirements and specifically helping her own children. Her teaching experience has been broadened not only by teaching art, but by her 13+ years as a homeschool parent, former co-op teacher and museum educator, and her love for the fine arts. Cherie loves to help young people strive for excellence and learn to be “thinkers.” She is inspired by the way God makes himself known in the small details of life, by her amazing family, and by the multitude of object lessons experienced through life and literature. In the area of teaching, Cherie loves to pull from multiple resources to create an individualized plan for each student meant to build up and challenge. She is always learning, and she uses creativity to help her students develop skills they will need for future learning opportunities. Cherie is currently in the process of studying how to apply educational research to real life teaching practice in the areas of vocabulary instruction and reading comprehension. She is excited to share this science fiction course with the families of

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Courses Taught by Cherie:

Analyzing Science Fiction Literature from a Christian Worldview: This course is an exploration of well-known science fiction books that have become classics. It includes novels, short stories, and a few plot summaries. The course begins with a study of the definitions and types of science fiction, as well as some of the common themes in this genre. Your student will continue to learn by reading the books, working through the web activities and explanations, completing written work, and keeping a running list of favorite quotations from each work read.