Kimberly Maher

Lesson Designer

Kimberly holds a BA Ed and a minor in Sp. Ed and is finishing her MA Ed. She and her husband of 36 years focus on raising their 12 children in central Wisconsin. Kimberly found her calling in life from her son Bobby, born with autism and intellectual disability. Homeschooling all her children beginning with Bobby, Kimberly discovered a unique way of teaching a child with compromised learning skills. Her most endearing mantra is “God writes straight with crooked lines.” She is a freelance writer and has published numerous articles, based on education and family. She has also written and published a non-fiction book, Mom Bob Autism, A Love Story. Available on Amazon. Kimberly also founded a website: HEART (Helping Education Adapt by Restructuring how we Teach). HEART is online tutoring for compromised learners, where she puts her theory of teaching to a compromised brain into practice. To read more of Kimberly’s theory, visit:

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Courses Taught by Kimberly:

You Can Homeschool Your Special Needs Child: Homeschooling is hard. Homeschooling a special needs child comes with its own set of challenges. This article series, written by the mom of a special needs child, is designed to encourage parents that they, too, can homeschool their special needs child and that they, in turn, can encourage and fuel their physical, mental, social, and spiritual development.