Luke Seibert

Lesson Designer

Luke Seibert is the oldest of seven homeschooled children and holds an Associates in Occupational Technology from Northwest Shoals Community College in carpentry/cabinetmaking and a Bachelor’s of Science in Integrated Studies from Clarks Summit University, where he majored with an emphasis in Biblical Studies. He began writing as a hobby soon after becoming blind in 2016, and he has a deep passion for encouraging young people to live out the Gospel in every aspect of their lives. You can learn more about Luke and check out the other books he has written at

Courses Taught by Luke:

Methods of Bible Study: Many students know Bible study is important, but sometimes understanding how to read and study the Bible in a way that helps them truly understand it can be a challenge. This course challenges preteens and teens to go deeper in their study of God’s Word, looks at four ways to study Scripture, and walks them through nine Bible studies.