Meredith Curtis

Lesson Designer

Meredith Curtis lives in Florida with her husband. She homeschooled all five of her children for over twenty-five years, led her homeschool co-op for ten years, and taught online homeschool courses for three years. Her children have since graduated and now she has grandchildren who are being homeschooled. Currently, Meredith leads worship, creates curriculum, and teaches online classes. Her interests include Jesus, traveling, reading, music, worship, history, and hospitality. Her philosophy of education in a nutshell is Christ-centered, living books, hands-on fun, and practical life application!

Here are more facts about Meredith:

  • Has a BSN in Nursing
  • Provides resources for homeschooling parents at

Meredith has several published works, including:

  • American History Cookbook
  • God Bless the USA Cookbook
  • God Bless the USA Exploring State & Territories
  • Seven R’s of Homeschooling
  • Joyful and Successful Homeschooling
  • Travel God’s World Unit study
  • Who Dun It English course
  • American Lit & Research English course
  • British Lit & Writing course
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Courses by Meredith:

Let’s Visit Denmark: Let’s Visit Denmark is a geography and social studies course built around the children’s book Our Little Danish Cousin. The text of the book is included in the course for read-aloud time. The course explores the history, geography, and culture of the beautiful land of Denmark with reading and numerous hands-on activities.

Understanding Middle School Health: This study helps middle school students understand how their bodies work, how to care for them, some of the changes their bodies are going through, and more.